Good Morning, Madam President

      On 17 June 2019, Naresuan University Demonstration School (Early Childhood and Primary) created a learning activity outside classroom for 40 K1 students in the academic year 2019 under the name “Good Morning, Madam President” to develop experiences with classmates and others. This activity, led by NUDS Principal, teachers and students, was done after the students had passed the activity of self-adjustment and readiness during the last month. “Good Morning, Madam President” allowed the students to appreciate a short walk, buildings, people and natural surroundings along the way before meeting Naresuan University President and other NU staff. Through this activity, the students have learned to use their muscles, gain concentration and cooperate different processes such as walking as a group, listening to rules, greeting, as a good member of the society and an observer of adults’ working world, in Naresuan 1 Room, Office of the President.

      This activity outside classroom makes the students learn how to adjust themselves in real society, improve learning development according to their age and create a relationship with older people. At the end, after giving presents to the students, ‘Madame President’ walked back to the school with them and visited their classrooms together with other staff.




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