Health insurance

Insurance Benefits
Naresuan University International Student
(Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL.)

Insurance Benefits Amount of Benefits
(Thai Bath)
Plan 1
Daily Room & Meal  (Max. 31 days per disability) 1,500
I.C.U. (Max. 7 Days). Include daily room & meal not more than 31 days 3,000
General Hospital Treatment Fees (per disability) Including OPD follow up within 30 days of discharging from hospital 20,000
Ambulance service fees (Included in general hospital treatment fees) 1,000
Surgical Fees Subject to Surgical Actual (per disability) 23,000
Doctor’s Visit per day (Max. 31 days per disability) 700
Emergency Out-Patient Treatment as a result of an accident within 24 hours after accident. (Including OPD treatment within 15 days after accident, included with General Hospital Treatment Fees) 3,500
Specialist consultation fee (maximum per disability)
Included general fees & services and Surgical Fees.
O.P.D. (Max. 1 times per day and Max. 30 times per  year) 1,000
For more information please contact E-mail Tel.+6655-961-218

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