Sparkling Korea: Phase 2 of IAH Project at NU

      Naresuan University, by its Division of International Affairs and Language Development, organizes phase 2 of Internationalization at Home (IAH) project driven towards “Sparkling Korea.”  The event was hosted as the sequel of successful phase 1 dedicated to “Touch of Japan,” both of which broadened opportunities for staff and students who would want to learn more about the two nations, unique cuisines, and long inherited traditional costumes.  This “Sparkling Korea” was facilitated by Mr. Yoseung Kim, a lecturer from Faculty of Engineering and Ms. Eunice Euenhee Lee from Naresuan University International College who taught how to prepared kimbub and tteokbokki (traditional Korean meals), dressed hanbok and jeogori/baji (Korean national costume) and gave an overview of the country to some 50s attendants.

     The event was held on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 12.30 at Main Conference, Center for Information Technology and Communication Services.

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