NUGS highly intends on establishing research cooperation with different International higher academic institutes.

On 25 June 2019, while attending the APIC-IST conference, Prof. Dr. Paisan Muneesawang, Dean of Naresuan University Graduate School visited Beijing University of Technology in the People’s Republic of China to establish research cooperation in the graduate level along with higher academic institutes in other countries, particularly Korea. Dr. Paisarn met with management teams from other educational institutions and important agencies, including:

1. Qiao Junfei, Vice president of Beijing University of Technology
2. Jianbiao Zhang, Professor, College of Computer Science of Technology, Beijing University of Technology
3. Xibin Jia, Professor, Big Data Institution, Beijing University of Technology
4. Jongwook Woo, Professor, Director BigDAI, California State University, Los Angeles,
5. Mingoo Kang, President, Korean Society for Internet information
6. Min Hong, Professor, Dept. of Computer Software Engineering, Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea
7. Kwanghoon Pio Kim, Dean, Kyonggi University, Korea
8. Sung-Chan Hong, Director of Planning, Hanshin University, Korea
9. Cho Young Hwa, Distinguished Chair Professor, Sungkyun Kwan University, Korea
10. Jaehyoun Kim, Chairman, Graduate School of Eduction, Sungkyun Kwan University, Korea
11. Ahyoung Lee, Assistant Professor, University of South Dakota, USA.

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