Naresuan Research Conference 13
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        Naresuan University aims to be a Research and Innovation-based University achieving research and innovation outcomes. Further, the goal is to build a quality research profile and become a recognized leader in research in Science and Technology. Health Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences. The Division of Research Administration at Naresuan University will have the responsibility for achieving these aims and goals, by the promotion of research, and providing support and encouragement for the development of effective research administration, by which means the Division will give impetus to the creation of research projects and development and publishing of knowledge arising from that research. A significant focus of the intended research will be sustainable development.

        Naresuan University extends an Invitation to all who have an interest in R&D; academics, researchers, students and others, to attend the Naresuan Research Conference 13, to be held at Naresuan University on the 20th and 21st of July, 2017. The Conference theme is the development of research and innovation under the National 13 initiative, to drive economic and social development in Thailand.

        The Conference activities will include Research presentations and graduate theses by staff and graduate students from research institutions in higher education institutions. There will be exhibits from research agencies and departments within the university and from external organisations, and lectures from experts on the issues which comprise the theme of the conference.

        Naresuan University is proud to host this Conference.

        For more details contact the Division of Research Administration at Naresuan University, on Telephone number 0 5596 8641 OR visit the conference website at


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