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That assesses the ripeness and taste of fruit easily and effectively, 
Increasing the export potential of Thai produce


       a Durian is considered to be a "King of Tropical Fruit". It’s an economically important fruit one in Thailand with a high export value, and is grown in almost every area of the country. In addition to domestic consumption, fresh durian are exported to countries such as China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Because the edible durian fruit is encased in a thick bark, it is difficult for farmers to check if the durian is ripe and ready for harvest. This is a significant problem for durian farmers and resellers when the quality of the product can not be guaranteed. It dependant on the expertise and guesswork of the producer, which is not always reliable, and the harvested durian is not up to a standard sufficient for universal acceptance.

       Asst. Prof. Dr. Peerasak Chaisuprach, a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Science in the Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment at Naresuan University, has researched this problem, and has developed technology that is able to be used to assess the ripeness and quality of the durian fruit without damaging the product. By using the Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technique (NIRS). Dr. Peerask, working in Uttaradit Province with research funding from the National Research Council, was able to develop this technology which can be used by farmers to improve their harvesting activity, ensuring high quality characteristics of ripeness and taste.

       Importantly, the quality of durian can be graded according to a standard which meets both domestic and export market expectations and requirements, accurately, quickly and reliably. By solving the problem of durian quality, value is added to the produce, increasing farmers' incomes, and enhancing the profitability of industry operators, as well as increasing the export potential of the Monthong Durian, a famous type from Uttaradit Province.


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