Center of Excellent for Sustainability of Health, Environment, and Industry
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Objective / mission
- To conduct novel interdisciplinary research and demonstrate field scale application of site characterization, environmental monitoring, health assessment, and cleanup of contaminated sites using with multi stakeholder involvement.
- To establish research networks involving researchers, government agencies, communities, and private sectors to initiate solution for solve environmental contamination issues and sustainability of health, environment, and industry.
- To educate community researchers and graduate students equipped with scientific knowledge and public mind to practically solve environmental contamination issues.

Research Focus
- Risk management of contaminated sites using multi-stakeholder involvement
- Environmental characterization and monitoring for contaminated petrochemical industry, mining, and illegal dumping sites
- Remediation engineering for contaminated petrochemical industry, mining, and illegal dumping sites
- Community-based Remediation
- Nanomaterials for contaminated site cleanup
- Multi-stakeholder environmental decision with community involvement
- Risk assessment and risk communication

- Dr. Wisa Supanpaiboon
- Dr. Tanapon Phenrat
- Dr.Siriwan Wichai
- Assist.Prof.Dr.Supaluck Viruhpintu

Publication / Output
- Louie, S. M.; Phenrat, T.; Small, M. J.; Tilton, R. D.; Lowry, G. V. (2012) Parameter Identifiability in Application of Soft Particle Electrokinetic Theory To Determine Polymer and Polyelectrolyte Coating Thicknesses on Colloids. Langmuir, 28 (28), pp 10334–10347
- Kim, H.-J.; Phenrat, T.; Tilton, R.D.; Lowry, G.V. (2012). Effect of kaolinite, silica fines and pH on transport of polymer-modified zero valent iron nano-particles in heterogeneous porous media. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 370, (1), 15, pp1-10.
- Fagerlund, F., Illangasekare, T. H.; Phenrat, T.; Kim, H.-J.; Lowry, G. V. (2012). PCE dissolution and simultaneous dechlorination by nanoscale zero-valent iron in a DNAPL source zone. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 131, (1–4), 1 pp 9-28.
- Phenrat, T.; Fagerlund, F.; Illangasekare, T.; Lowry, G. V; Tilton, R.D. (2011) Polymer-modified Fe0 Nanoparticles Target Entrapped NAPL in Two Dimensional Porous Media: Effect of Particle Concentration, NAPL Saturation, and Injection Strategy. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (14), pp 6102–6109.
- Song, J.-E.; Phenrat, T.; Marinakos, S.; Xiao, Y.; Liu, J.; Wiesner, M. R.; Tilton, R. D.; Lowry, G. V. (2011) Hydrophobic Interactions Increase Attachment of Gum Arabic and PVP Coated Ag Nanoparticles to Hydrophobic Surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (14), pp 5988–5995.
- Phenrat, T.; Cihan, A.; Kim, H.-J.; Mital, M.; Illangasekare, T.; Lowry*, G. V. (2010) Transport and Deposition of Polymer-Modified Fe0 Nanoparticles in 2-D Heterogeneous Porous Media: Effects of Particle Concentration, Fe0 Content, and Coatings. Environmental Science & Technology 44 (23), pp 9086–9093.

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